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Involvement in a lawsuit can be stressful, but having a legal team to guide you and be with you every step of the way relieves that stress.
At Cantu & Cantu we want you to leave the worries and stress of your lawsuit with us.
Let us tackle your legal objectives, work tirelessly for you and obtain the legal result you deserve.

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About our Firm

Cantu & Cantu is a small close-knit family oriented law firm dedicated to achieving the legal results you desire. When you hire us, you hire a legal team with multiple people working towards your goals. At Cantu & Cantu we put up the “Cantu Shield” around our clients and protect your rights and fight aggressively for you.  

At Cantu and Cantu we understand that searching for the right firm is not easy. You need a legal team you can rely and depend on. Our mission is to provide high quality superior legal services. We strive to offer comfort, reliance and reassurance that your legal objectives will be met.

What sets us apart from the other firms is our work ethic, aggressiveness, and preparation. Know that our firm will work tirelessly with you to provide the best results possible. With over 15 years of legal experience, our firm has yielded highly successful results in all our areas of practice. We provide a variety of legal services so just tell us your problem and we will provide you with sound legal advice. You deserve a passionate legal team that yields results. Choose Cantu & Cantu as your legal representative and feel the energy, hard work, and passion we put forth.

Meet the Legal Team

Our legal team takes pride in out-working the competition. Thorough preparation, intense work ethic, and the will to fight zealously defines our legal team. Meet the team that will put up the Cantu Shield and fight for you.

WILLIE CANTU - Senior Managing Attorney


Senior Managing Attorney
tel: 214-630-5700
fax: 214-630-5703

Willie Cantu, the heart and soul of the Cantu legal team, began his working career as a United States Marine. After serving his country, he transitioned into law enforcement. He joined the Dallas Police Department in 1985. Throughout his tenure as an officer Willie was given multiple life saving awards, police commendations, and meritorious awards. After 20 years of service with the Dallas Police Department, Willie honorably retired and began practicing law.

He founded the Cantu law practice back in 2003 with a concentration on family law. Over the years he broadened the scope of practice, expanding into civil, criminal and business law. Now, with over 15 years of providing legal service as an attorney, he brings experience, skill, passion and work ethic. With a reputation of winning and being a skilled litigator, Willie expects nothing but the best results for his clients. Willie’s aggressive and passionate style is molded from years of trial experience (family final trials, civil jury trials and criminal jury trials) and thousands of clients represented. If your lawsuit becomes a legal battle, he is the lawyer you want on your side.

Willie obtained his Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree from Dallas Baptist University. He graduated and received his Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan University School of Law and is licensed to practice law in Texas. Willie is currently working on his Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling.

CHRIS CANTU - Junior Managing Attorney


Junior Managing Attorney
tel: 214-630-5700
fax: 214-630-5703

Chris Cantu is a junior attorney at Cantu & Cantu and son to Willie Cantu. Although he is just beginning his legal career as an attorney, he has worked in the legal community as a legal assistant for over 7 years. As a legal assistant and law student he assisted in numerous jury trials, final trials, hearings, mediations, and helped publish legal memos and trial briefs.

As an attorney he has experience as lead counsel in final trials, temporary orders hearings, temporary restraining order hearings, protective order hearings, mediation, attorney general hearings, criminal jury trials, summary judgment hearings, publishing trial briefs, publishing legal memos, conducting depositions, conducting discovery, drafting motions, and drafting final judgments and orders. With a great start to his legal career (due in large part to the his mentor/father Willie) Chris hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps as a well-respected litigator and zealous defender of his clients. Chris is working on his Master’s Degree in Professional Counseling.

Chris obtained his Bachelor’s of Arts degree from Southern Methodist University with a Departmental Distinction in Philosophy. At Southern Methodist University he majored in Philosophy and minored in Political Science. Chris obtained his Juris Doctor from Texas A&M University School of Law in May of 2016 and subsequently passed the July 2016 Bar Exam. He is licensed to practice law in Texas.

Chris is a member of the Texas Young Lawyer’s Association, The Texas Business Law Section, Texas Criminal Justice Law Section, Texas Hispanic Issues Law Section, Texas Family Law Section, Texas Real Estate/Probate/Trust Law Section, the Dallas Bar Association, the Family Law Section of the Dallas Bar Association, the Dallas Association of Young Lawyers, and the Dallas Criminal Defense Lawyers.

BEN CANTU Paralegal/Legal Assistant


Paralegal/Legal Assistant
tel: 214-630-5700
fax: 214-630-5703

Ben Cantu is the eldest child of Willie Cantu and brother of Chris Cantu. He has worked at the firm since its inception, the beginning of Willie’s legal career. Ben is a certified notary public, paralegal, and legal assistant. He has 15 years of experience in the law as a paralegal and legal assistant. Through the years, Ben has assisted in jury trial preparation, final trial preparation, discovery preparation, documentation drafting and client management. Ben prides himself on the countless hours spent working with clients and being of service to them. Ben maintains a good reputation amongst the Courts and attorneys through his years of service in the legal community.

Ben is a pre-law student and aspires to become an attorney and join the Cantu & Cantu office as a managing attorney.



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tel: 214-630-5700

fax: 214-630-5703



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We put our clients first and try to form a close bond with our clients so that we may better understand each client’s situation. Over the years we have helped hundreds of people in different situations. We constantly receive referrals from previous clients and we believe it helps prospective clients to hear from previous clients that received the help they needed from our legal team. In the pursuit of your legal objectives it is important to have the right team on your side to help you achieve the best result possible.


I hired Mr. Cantu three days before a scheduled deposition. It was very last minute but he said he would take my case and meet me at the deposition. I showed up early and Mr. Cantu was sitting there waiting for me! Mr. Cantu fights for you. Yes, he does have a lot of cases but it’s because he is really good at winning, which is the end goal.

Mr. Cantu kept me informed on my case and would also advise according to his experience and network. In network as in who he has established a good, professional relationship with. Mr. Cantu knows the DFW family court system and he maintains a good reputation with the courts. I trust Mr. Cantu and his team with my family and my family and I are together today because of his efforts and willingness to never give up even when I wanted to at times.Alvie McNair


Absolutely amazing attorneys! I had been trying to get joint custody of my son for over 7 years. One year ago, I was referred to Cantu Law and met Chris and Willie Cantu. They were the first attorneys I had ever met that truly listened to me and understood the pain and struggle I’d faced as it is almost impossible to get a change of custody as a father in Texas…almost unheard of actually. Chris and Willie fought for me, gave me some hard truths with love and fought for me like I was part of their family! They had no “agendas” and they only cared about getting me more time with my son. And finally, the Judge CHANGED custody and I now have true joint custody! What every other attorney told me was impossible became possible with Chris and Willie! I can never repay them for changing my life but more importantly, giving my son the chance to spend as much time with his father as his mother! -Clint K.Clint Konkle


Chris Cantú took my case 30 min before final trial, went in, and helped me completely win my case. I got more than I asked for in the process and I feel that he did not disrespect my ex wife in any way, rather, he ensured that my daughter had her father in her life. He saved my butt with little preparation in front of a district judge! 9001 stars!Boyd Ocon


Willie and Chris are awesome!! They helped me win my case, winning custody of my kids and also I was awarded the house!! It was a long process, but well worth it!! I highly recommend their law firm for divorce and custody cases!! Thank you so much Willie and Chris!! You guys ROCK!! ~ Cynthia CortezCYNTHIA CORTEZ


If I could rate Willie and his staff 10 stars, I absolutely would! Willie along with Chris, Ben, and Diana have taken care of my custody issues numerous times and have never failed to deliver me a positive result. Being a father in a custody case was though, but Willie made the whole process seaming less. Willie’s passion for helping others along with his knowledge and tenacity in court is why you need him on your side. Letting my previous attorney go and hiring Willie is the reason why I was able to obtain sole custody of my two daughters. If you’re looking for a team with a track record of success, Cantu & Associates is where you need to go!Fernando Gutierrez


They were awesome , the staff very friendly.I was scared and very stressed regarding my custody situation and the fear of losing my child .I was recommended the cantu law firm by a friend of mine,she said i would not be disappointed.This was sooo true to the word .I felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders I couldnt have been more satisfied with the outcome . Thank you Chris Cantujean alonso


I had two trials that Willie and his team handled, both civil trials and they won both. We had a very difficult civil suit business case with one of the biggest law firms in Dallas. It lasted over the course of 2 years and we had constant communication with Willie and all his team during that time. Willie handled the case very professionally and was prepared with everything during the whole process from beginning to end. I recommend Willie and his team to everyone I know. As a business owner we know we can count on his firm to handle any of our future legal matters.Arleen Macias


The Cantu law firm took my case that went on a span of five years. It was a custody case that turned into a criminal case due to the mother making false allegations. Not only did we win the criminal case with a NO BILL we won custody in the process as well. His team is very detail oriented and investigate thoroughly. There was not one single hearing in 5 years that his team was not only prepared for but we won every time! They always treated me with the utmost respect as well as my family through all the hard times. They treated me and my family just like family even to this day I can call or text Willie at any point and time and gives me advise or just checks on my family and I! I’m not sure how any negative information that is put on here could possibly be true if they ever were actually a client. I would definitely recommend the Cantu law firm and have recommended to numerous people!Aaron lane


Cantu Law Office helped me with my divorce. Willie and Chris take the time to understand each individual case. They are supportive and provided exactly the legal representation I was looking for. Highly recommended.Nestor Aceituno


Everything went smoothly with my divorce just as he explained, would take place. Recommended my family member, she got her divorce here too.Gd Paulzj1130


My experience with Willie overall has been excellent. He is an expert in this profession and thus far has given me a desirable return on my investment. Willie makes my former lawyer look like a novice lawyer and certainly holds his own against the opposing counsel. I would not hesitate to recommend Willie Cantu to anyone I know. Regarding the money, I think he’s very fair in his pricing and terms of retaining his services.David Akina


(Translated by Google) Delighted with this very professional lawyer his job and very friendly staff. (Original) Encantada con este abogado muy profesional su trabajo y muy agradable personal.Danielle Duran


All I can say is that these guys are awesome! They took very good care me and got me a very good settlement & my ex was really trying to take me to the cleaners but these guys know their stuff and I would refer them to all my friends! Awesome job guys!!!!!Anthony Brown


Good lawyerDouglasReyes